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Disrupting the Marketplace

Our company expression of disrupting the marketplace is not about competition. We are unique in that we will challenge the status quo and mold innovation to fit business needs and challenges while striving to not outpace change but sustain change. We aim to produce profitability, goods and services using strategies aimed to support rather hinder and produce effective outcome in categories including Education, Workforce Development and the Information Systems and Technology market segments. 

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CA Enterprise, LLC provide a variety of services to clients including businesses, state and local governments. We provide consulting services and are investing in a variety of projects including customized educational services, agriculture and farming and artificial intelligence to name a few. Please navigate through our projects and services menu for more details and feel free to contact our company for additional information.

Meet the Founder and CEO

Charlene A Terrell

Ms. Terrell has over 20 years of successful and demonstrated professional experience with an educational background and experience in Information Systems and Management. She was selected as a board member to the National Association of Woman Owned Business (NAWBO), Greater DC Chapter, and will also serve on its committee for Diversity and Inclusion. She is passionate about the enterprise she is building and is confident in the skills and expertise she brings to any business and professional environment. As the Founder and CEO, Ms. Terrell separates herself from industry and social norms as we thrive on independent thought and collaboration. Join us on a professional journey of success.

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